And the Winner(s) of the Best Chili Are...

The Nov. 10 Chili Cook-Off at the Folger Home brought a crowd...and the crowd picked a winner(s)

To the Editor:

The Avon Lake Landmark Preservation Society, more commonly known as the Folger Home, hosted its 11th annual Taste of Chili Cook-off on Nov. 10 at the Lake House and Folger Home. 

Congratulations to this year’s co-winners: Lenny’s Deli and Wendy’s!  

Stella’s took a close 2nd place, with Jake’s on Lake taking another close 3rd place.

This successful fundraiser simply could not take place without the overwhelming generosity and support of so many local establishments and people.

Restaurants donating chili, along with their sampler number are Athena’s (8), Lenny’s Deli (2), Rio Café (3), Jake’s on Lake (5), Wendy’s (4), Novotny Catering (6), Stella’s and her famous rolls (1), and Las Cazuelas (7). Now you know where to get a bowl of your favorite.

Florists donating stunning centerpieces for our raffle include Diederich, Puskas, Sisson’s, Hen & Ivy, Zelek, Secret Garden, Life in Bloom, Off Broadway, and Bonaminio’s.

A huge round of applause to other local businesses who donated to our raffle this year: Avon Lake Parks & Rec. $125 family pool pass; Buffalo Wild Wings $60 in four gift cards; Coleone’s $15 gift card; Petitti’s $20 gift card; Deena LaVigne 1 hour Reiki session; Casita del Lago $20 gift card; Grilled $25 gift card; Ridge Cleaners $25 card; Jan Jewelers $75 necklace; Classic Image full makeover; Babies R Us 4 gifts; Perkins $25 gift card; and Kathy Leopold, a quilted wall hanging and a fleece blanket. Congratulations to the 29 raffle winners Tom, Bob, Laura, Gail, George, Michelle, Jane, Jacob, Nancy, Ed, Gloria, Trudy, Stephen, Linda, Mark, Leslie, Jen, Sandy, Greg, Pat, Rosemary, Pam, Kathy, Lynn, Woodie, Paul, Esperanza, Elfie and Jim.

Other establishments that donated food, supplies and/or gift cards are Novotny Catering, Giant Eagle, Walmart, Convenient on Lake, Pizza Hut Lear Road, Discount Drug Mart, Mr. Hero, Subway on Lear and on Walker, Ridge Cleaners, Avon Lake Parks and Rec., Custom Engraving, Buffalo Wild Wings, Ridge Cleaners, The Patch and The Press.

Desserts were donated by Sandi Gerhan, Eileen Wozniak, Carol Lara, Bev Johnson, Arlene Aslaksen, Sue Wanemaker, Donna DeChant, Jennifer Fenderbosch, Kris Burns, Mary Lou Kirk, Pat Sweeney and Gloria Camillo.  Sandy and Doug Rider provided that mouth-watering corn bread.

Volunteers before, during and/or after the event include Debi Loebich, Sue Stephen, Bev and Isabel Johnson, John Earley, Chris Quinlan, K.C. Zuber, Carol Fellure, Judy Houdeshell, Doug Rider, Greg Zilka, Larry Meiners, Pam & Kate and Drew Hoffmann and accompanying crew of several more, Denny Potonic, Marian Conn, Sandi Gerhan, Lynn and Patty Greene, George & Lesley Amolsch, Nancy and Laura Bir, Council members Dan Bucci and Jennifer Fenderbosch, the Scherry clan of Lydia, Deanna, Jessica and Vickie, Gary and Sharon Russell, Mike and Pat Sweeney, Mayor Greg Zilka, Tom Mihalek, Marty O'Donnell and Gloria Camillo and Tom Tyler.     

A huge heartfelt thank you to each and every establishment and person who donated to this event.  And my apologies to anyone I overlooked in this acknowledgement of gratitude.  The Taste of Chili Cook-off is only successful because of all the generous establishments and people cooperating together.

Sincerely, Pat Fellure, Chili Chairperson   

Avon Lake

Leslie K January 31, 2013 at 06:35 PM
we loved the chili cook off there should be a special category for best corn bread and garlic bread too, as both were terrific


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