City to Fight Stormwater Fees and Join Anti-Poaching Pact: Week in Review

Catch up on the week’s news.

Were you outside enjoying the beautiful spring weather this week? (No, it’s not summer yet, despite what the thermometer says!)

If you said yes, don’t worry that you may have missed a story or two—just catch up on the big news of the week below:

  • City Council met on Tuesday and spent much of the meeting talking about a plan to . The large property has never been comprehensively mapped—the current maps only show pieces of the facility.
  • And the city made decisions on a few regional issues this week. Brecksville will . The sewer district wants to charge businesses and residents in exchange for control of stormwater. Mayor Jerry N. Hruby said he doesn't think the current plan is fair.
  • But the city will . The countywide plan lays out guidelines so cities agree not to entice businesses to leave neighboring communities.

And speaking of this week’s fantastic weather, it’s just the first week of spring. You can .


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