Looking for Low Gasoline Prices in Brecksville

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The gasoline prices around Brecksville were all relatively high this afternoon, but there were some differences in the prices around town. 

The lowest prices shortly after noon on Monday could be found at the Shell Station on Brecksville Road. There, unleaded gasoline was going for $3.79 per gallon, and it had the lowest prices on all grades of gasoline. 

GasBuddy.com shows that gas prices in Ohio have been on the rise lately, and Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan said those prices could go up even more later this week in the Cleveland area. He predicted that prices could go up to about $3.90 per gallon. 

Here were the prices around Brecksville between 12:15 and 12:40 p.m. Monday:

Regular: $3.79

Plus: $3.89

V-Power: $4.01

Unleaded: $3.84

Plus: $3.94

Premium: $4.04


Regular: $3.85

Silver: $3.95

Ultimate: $4.05


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