Name Change, Renovations Planned for the Brecksville Shopping Center

Construction is set to begin at the end of the month.

Renovations for the Brecksville Shopping Center are scheduled to begin at the end of the month, said Denise Blank, property manager at the . 

The parking lot will be reconfigured, the sidewalk replaced and each store will have a different look, Blank said. Some will be covered in brick; others may be pulled forward to give the center more dimension. At the end of the renovations, the center will look “more like a main street,” than a shopping center, Blank said. It will be a dramatic change, she said, but one that fits with the Brecksville area. 

The $1.6 million in renovations are set to be complete in October, Blank said. All stores will remain open during construction.

The center will also be changing its name to the Brecksville Town Center, Blank said. While the sign in front still says “Brecksville Shopping Center,” the company is already using the new name.


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