Dom Sciria’s 2011 Was Filled With Family Milestones, City Activities

Dom Sciria was one of your choices for Brecksville Patch’s People of the Year.

At the end of 2011, I asked you to nominate Brecksville Patch’s People of the Year. Now, I’m sharing what made 2011 memorable for your nominees. See .

When Dom Sciria thinks about what made 2011 memorable for him, it’s the people he spent it with that stand out, from his children and wife Kathy to his fellow volunteers in the city.

As the chair of the city’s Planning Commission, the president of the Cuyahoga Valley Republicans and a member of the Bicentennial Committee, Sciria said he came into contact with a lot of “hardworking” and “dedicated” people.

“It just made the year fly by,” Sciria said.

There were a lot of milestones in his personal life, too, with his middle child graduating from college and his son entering the . Sciria said his three children—Camille, Nicole and Paul—motivate him to want to give back, to be a good example.

“You want to help the community that you hope they’re going to continue to live in,” he said. 

As the chair of the planning commission, he was pleased to see businesses like expanding in the city, bringing tax money and jobs to the community. Sciria’s involved in real estate and construction in his daily job at Premier Farnell, too, a field he called challenging in this economy.

He’s looking forward to 2012, when much of the groundwork that the Cuyahoga Valley Republicans have laid will come in handy. The November election is coming up quickly, and it’s sure to keep the group busy.


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