Santa Beauty Contest: Who's Got the Best Looking Santa?

Are his cheeks rosy? Is his beard as white as snow? Parents want to know.

I'll never forget the worst looking Santa nor will I forget the best.

The best was at the His beard was so perfect and his laugh was very jolly. I often wondered if he was THE North Pole Santa doing a Boss Undercover episode. 

The worst was at an Akron-area mall (I won't name it because it's not fair to malign the entire mall). He had a big heart, but he looked like a biker dude who had bleached his beard to a nice shade of yellow. 

No, looks aren't everything, but when you're representing an icon everybody knows intimately, you should show some respect.

Who's got the best looking Santa that you've seen? Other parents want to know. 

Feel free to shoot a photo and share where you saw the Santa. 


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