What Does Memorial Day Mean to You?

Read some responses from the community and add your thoughts in the comments.

We means to them. Here are the responses we received:

“Memorial Day is a time for reflection. To remember those that have made the ultimate sacrifice in giving their lives not only for our country but for the freedoms we enjoy today. Its about the sacrifice that all of our military personnel make in being away from their families and loved ones. Its about the families who received that call or letter notifying them that their loved one made the ultimate sacrifice. 

Memorial Day to me is also about service and giving back to our Veterans that have returned. Many Vets return with physical and invisible scars. Some Vets don't return and are still considered missing. Taking the time to say thank you to these men and women. Providing services and help to them and their families.

Memorial Day is a day we can all be proud to be Americans and not forget those that made it possible for us to enjoy those barbecues, attend a parade and celebrate the start of summer.

To those interested the is hosting a Memorial Day luncheon, free of charge, to the community and most importantly Vets and their families.  The American Legion will be open from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm on Memorial Day.”

— Rhonda Janowski, Ladies Auxiliary President

“I have always found Memorial Day to be a somber day. As a family we always attend one of the day's events in which surviving vets pay homage to their lost friends, loved ones and colleagues. As a family we feel an obligation to attend, knowing that the sacrifice of our heroes is why we are able to enjoy being Americans every day of our lives.”
— Sean Brennan, Teacher,

“Memorial day is a very special day it is the time to honor our military and people that have served for our country!”

— Luke S., 5th grade,

“I always love to see the red, white and blue on days like this. When I think of Memorial Day, I think of all the great men and women that have served for our country.  They are all so brave to do the things they do!”
— Courtni B., 4th grade,

What does Memorial Day mean to you? Tell us in the comments.


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