Mayor Hruby Encourages Voters to Support Brecksville-Broadview Heights Schools’ Renewal Levy

Mayor Jerry N. Hruby explains why he supports the renewal levy.

The following letter was submitted by Mayor Jerry N. Hruby’s office to Brecksville Patch.

I was a member of the first Kindergarten class at Highland School when it first opened, a member of the first class that attended Highland Elementary K through 6. I graduated from Brecksville High in 1966. My two brothers and I attended a combined 40 years (1946-1966). The three of us received outstanding educations and non academic programs that enriched us and prepared us for all that we have experienced and accomplished during our lives. I recall we all were very proud of our school system and enjoyed the fact that its reputation was one of excellence, our programs exceptional and the teachers well respected and admired. I remember many of the teachers and staff fondly and to this day, believe that combined with the impact of our wonderfully supportive parents, they played an integral role in molding us into good citizens and providing the impetus for our great support and respect for our school system. Two of became Brecksville Mayors, the third a Teacher, Professor, Artist.
Today as Brecksville's Mayor I recognize the importance of our school district. I know its impact upon the sale of homes and is stature regarding why one would move to our city. I also have witnessed my entire life the pride for community and school. The strength, the face, the reputation of our community is based much upon the success of our youth. We return, we remain, we become the leaders and those who accept the challenges of developing our city and being its people who pass on the traditions and all what is good about Brecksville. That is why, I call upon our citizens to vote YES in support of Issue 2 August 7th. It is necessary to perpetuate the excellence of Brecksville-Broadview Heights City Schools.
Issue 2 DOES NOT INCREASE TAXES, it is a 6.8 Mil Renewal.
I remember times that my parents struggled to make ends meet. Times when the schools needed additional funds I also remember that my parents ALWAYS believed in our schools and ALWAYS supported the issues brought before the voters. It became my turn as a parent and the proud father of a teacher who also graduated from our school district to ALWAYS support our school issues. I continue to do so although I no longer have a child in the district. It is my responsibility to carry on for the next generation. I also believe that the issues of fiscal management or any other management issue rests with the Administration and School Board. To reject an issue believing that will correct or create a betterment in said issues is not sound thinking, just an excuse. Administrative and Board issues are to be dealt with by other avenues which our communities will be addressing in the months to come. Not by rejecting the obvious and most important needs of our children.
Please support this issue, support our schools. It is our turn to provide the means for our system to remain in the highest levels of academic performance in this State, maintain an outstanding level of teachers and staff, and to remain the cities of choice for young families raising their children in a school system with the reputation ours has enjoyed for so, so many years.
Please Vote Yes on Issue 2.

Editor’s note: The views of this author—and of the authors of any other letters to the editor—do not reflect the views of Brecksville Patch. To share your views with the community on Brecksville Patch, email Editor Rachel Abbey McCafferty.

Terri Kolis August 04, 2012 at 02:37 AM
Thank you Mayor Hruby for capturing my feelings. I have ALWAYS voted for the school levies and always will. I believe it is the best way to spend my tax dollars!o.
Justin Tyme August 04, 2012 at 01:21 PM
As I have said, Mayor Hruby KNOWS how to formulate, SELL and work an effective plan in the arena of public administration. The BOE has embraced a fundamentally wise destination. They have chosen to take a reckless course though and as such have opened themselves to ridicule and the strong potential for a lose-lose outcome. Hruby has always understood not that there might be opposition to a plan but that there WILL be opposition. A good plan includes the variable in the steps to success. The Ronnie doth protest too much, methinks. Who ARE you Ronnie and just who is this “We” of which you speak? Don’t let the rhetoric of this negotiation hurt your feelings. It’s not really all that personal. At the end of the day it is just people trying to keep the things that they have worked so hard to obtain. I hope to keep the superb school district that existed when I chose to make my move to the district and Mayor Hruby not only supports that but understands the big picture need for our communities. Your BOE seems to want something otherwise.
Kathryn August 04, 2012 at 04:28 PM
Support from Mayor Hruby is very good.
Donald August 06, 2012 at 09:16 PM
K What did you think the mayor was going to say " I want my city to have picket lines" come on now.... Look at the PE teacher making over $100,000 per year what does he have a masters in the 100 yard dash.... teachers pay your fair share or find another job
Kathryn August 06, 2012 at 09:24 PM
Support for the school levey is good no matter how no matter what. I don't want to live in a city with a lot of turmoil. I like Friday night football a lot. I pay money to go to a peaceful place for vacation. I will pay money to keep the peace where I live. We are not cheap.


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