Readers React: Marc’s Opening in Brecksville

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announced earlier this week that Brecksville’s .

Readers’ reactions to the news have been plentiful, but mixed. As of Friday afternoon, more than . Most—47 percent—were against the store opening in Brecksville, but another 37 percent were thrilled.

Here’s a quick look at some of the comments:

Brett Wilms: As a current Marc's shopper, I really look forward to being within walking distance of their new store. Heinen's meets my higher-end grocery needs, so I am happy with a more budget friendly option to take Giant Eagle's place.

MWest: Marcs will do fine. Not everyone wants to pay the high prices that go with the Heinen's image. Plus for basic staples, prices are often far lower than grocery stores. Watch---lot will be full.

Jay Moldovanyi
: This is a disappointment for Brecksville. Trader Joe's or Whole Foods would have been more in keeping with Brecksville's demographics. Seriously, with Heinen's across the street, how many people will buy their groceries at Marc's?

kenneth maresh: I would have preferred Trader Joes, or a Buehlers, but I have to agree that a bird in the hand is better than an empty store. Brecksville will NEVER have a big box store, not at the VA; not anywhere, as long as we have the current, very diligent administration in Brecksville.

A.J. Smith: I hope the Snider Company and the new Marc's management team can do a better job cleaning their store and the outside sidewalk and parking areas. Historically, Marc's stores fall short on the attractive factor and you could turn a blind eye on the mess to get a good deal but this one is in "my" backyard! We all thought that expensive renovation would bring a different sort of tenant. At least they are locally owned and I won't have to drive into that traffic nightmare west of 77!!

We also had a few lively conversations on our Facebook page.

Questions have also come up from readers. Here are a few of the common ones. You can add yours in the comments, and I’ll work to get them answered.

  1. How will Marc’s and the Brecksville Town Center deal with the parking lot?
  2. Will this Marc’s accept credit and debit cards?
  3. Will Marc’s have a pharmacy or a diner?
  4. Why are there so many Marc’s stores in the area?
charles colombes April 14, 2012 at 03:54 PM
I think it's a damn shame to let this lower tier store have space in our Brecksville community. I realize this sounds extremely snobbish and conceited, but I believe the clientele Marc's typically attract is below Brecksville's standards. What's next, Dollar stores??
Mike West April 14, 2012 at 10:08 PM
I want Patch readers to know that whoever MWest is, it is NOT Mike West. By the way Marc's was a bad idea. To attract more business to Brecksville we something unique, I think Trader Joe's or a Mustrad Seed market would bring shoppers to the area to spend money. There are already too many Marc's around here to do that. Another problem, unlike Giant Eagle and Heinen's Marc's is non-union that means lower wages and less taxable income for our city coffers. I won't be giving Mark my Money. He has a long history of labor abuses.
Rex Harper April 14, 2012 at 10:45 PM
I get the sense from some comments that a few people think the "powers that be" in Brecksville can command a Mustard Seed or it's equivalent to fill the old Giant Eagle space. Do they have a clue about how the world works? If Trader Joe's thought this was a good market, they would have jumped in. With Heinens across the street, they obviously thought this would be a money loser. So, Marks is willing to take a shot and Brecksville will benefit if they make it. If they fail, these Mustard Seeders and Trader Josephs can at least enjoy an empty store.
Dawn Struhar April 16, 2012 at 02:07 PM
I live FIVE minutes from Marc's in Macedonia. Poor choice here in Brecksville.
bobbie zahorodnij February 27, 2013 at 06:23 PM
I love Marc's and not sure why there are people who dont. Heinens is way expensive and I do not care where you live saving money is always a good idea. I live in Parma which I am sorry (not really) is not as snobby nosed as Brecksville ( and yes you all sound rather snobby to me ). I am all for saving a few dollars be it at Marcs or Walmart. You can have your Trader Joes or Mustard Seeds!!


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