Unionizing Browns Fans, Switching Daycares and Talking About Merit Pay: From the Blogs

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The bloggers were busy this week. Here are the topics they took on:

  • Family came up a few times. No kids equals no inheritance? dug into some advice from “Dear Abby.”
  • And having kids comes with its own challenges. wrote about the emotions of having to find a new daycare for her son.
  • More interested in business? gave a teacher’s perspective on merit pay and talked about finding purpose in your job.
  • Health was another common topic. discussed the financial impact of dealing with cancer. shared why she thinks you should get a flu shot.
  • Looking forward to Thanksgiving week? invited readers to check out this week’s activities at the Maltz Museum.
  • And what fall blog round-up would be complete without some insight on the Browns? This week, tackled the topic with some humor, encouraging readers to protest, “snack attack” and turn the season into a sitcom.

Inspired to start your own blog? Email Editor Rachel Abbey McCafferty for the details. And if traditional posts aren’t your thing, don’t worry – check out bloggers around the region have tried.


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