Burntwood Tavern Opens and Brecksville Starts the Holidays with a Parade: Week in Review

Catch up on the news this week in Brecksville.

If you missed a story or two this week in Brecksville, don’t worry—you can catch up in no time by reading the summaries below. 

  • Brecksville’s newest restaurant, Burntwood Tavern, opened its doors to the public on Monday. If you’ve stopped by, tell us what you thought!
  • The city’s Christmas parade was last weekend. Make sure to check out our photo gallery for some pictures. Readers have been adding some great photos from the parade to the Pics & Clips gallery, too!
  • There were some unusual police blotter items this week, like this man who told police that he smokes “weed” and that “at least (he’s) honest.”


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