Morphine Found During a Traffic Stop: Brecksville Police Blotter

The following information was supplied by the Brecksville Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

The following incident was reported by the  on Aug. 12. The information was compiled from a police report.

Improper registration leads to discovery of drugs
Police stopped a vehicle on Interstate 77 around noon on Aug. 12 after realizing that the plates weren’t on the correct car. The owner, a 35-year-old Coshocton woman, told the officer that she bought the car in February and was told that the dealer would transfer the plates. She said she had just learned the day before that they were not transferred when she was stopped for a traffic violation, and that it was the first time she had been stopped in that vehicle.

The officer ran her information, learning that she had been stopped for speeding in February and March, which contradicted her story. She told the officer that she thought she had 30 days after paying her ticket. The officer asked her to step out to talk about the speeding tickets, and asked if she had anything illegal in her vehicle. The woman said no, telling police to look through it if they wanted. Police asked the driver, a 41-year-old Coshocton man, to also step out of the car, and they began their search.

Police soon found a variety of empty prescription bottles in the woman’s name throughout the car and two bottles in her purse. One had paraphernalia inside, including a metal grate for grinding pills. The paraphernalia and the inside of the bottle were covered in white powder. The other held four morphine pills. The woman asked police if they found the prescription bottles, telling them she snorts the pills from her prescription because swallowing them makes her nauseous. She did not have a note from a doctor prescribing that method. After police confirmed that the other four pills were morphine, the woman admitted that she did not have a prescription for them. She was charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. The driver was cited for the improper registration.

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