Sobriety Checkpoint (Somewhere) This Week

The Ohio State Highway Patrol said it will announce the location the morning of the operation.

There will be an OVI checkpoint somewhere in the area this week, but the Ohio State Highway Patrol has not announced the location or day yet.

The patrol announced in a press release Monday morning from Ravenna that sometime in the next seven days a sobriety checkpoint will be set up to "deter and intercept impaired drivers." 

The day before the checkpoint is set up, the county where it will take place will be announced. The morning of the checkpoint, the location will be announced.

"If you plan to consume alcohol, designate a driver or make other travel arrangements before you drink. Don't let another life be lost for the senseless and selfish act of getting behind the wheel impaired," a press release stated.

Wherever the checkpoint is set up, local law enforcement agencies will help with the operation, according to the state highway patrol.

To find out when and where, check back with Patch.

Scott Rollins March 14, 2012 at 12:03 AM
But stopping people at random showing signs of being impaired will. As it was already stated, if you seem impaired you should not be driving, be it from medication or alcohol. I have been through these checkpoints before, oddly enough i NEVER get tossed into jail. Perhaps its because i don't drink, or maybe because my meds do not make it dangerous for me to drive.
Elliott Ingersoll March 14, 2012 at 02:46 AM
Some research suggests that it may help (though 12 states still outlaw this practice as a violation of the 4th amendment) Like you Scott I've never been jailed for such an offense (but I have lost relatives because of drunk drivers). My concern is constitutionality. Why don't we randomly stop cars and search for illegal firearms? I imagine such random searches would prevent the deaths of some victims of homicide. I agree that if you are going to drink, walk But I still believe random searches and demanding blood tests/urine tests are unconstitutional. Where is the line? First rule of history (S. I. Roberts; Youngstown State University) "No one who has power gives it up willingly and only seeks to increase it." With that I'll move on to the next blog.
Jack Kelly March 14, 2012 at 11:38 AM
I didn't say that alcohol was a factor. YOU threw that factor in. So, don't put words in my mouth in an attempt to satisfy your spin, while ignoring what you're being asked to address. But, something was a factor since this woman -- who works/lives in the area -- was going the wrong way. Secondly, stopping people at random is NOT "unreasonable search." How do you even draw THAT correlation? Your property (car) is not "searched" unless you've given them reason (suspicion). If you're asked to pull off to the side and you start acting odd, then it starts to give the police suspicion that you're up to something or have something to hide (driving on a suspended license? Warrant?) These checkpoint locations are announced and the times they'll be conducted. You can avoid them. Plus, when you're on the road, it's a public safety issue. And, last I heard, you have to consent to a blood test; it just can't be taken from you. An officer would essentially need a court order via a search warrant -- or your consent for the blood test. AND you must be placed under arrest for the test to be valid as well (if my understanding of State v. Rawnsley is correct).
h March 15, 2012 at 01:45 AM
http://policecrimes.com/police.html Not saying our local police are bad...I don't believe that. But know your rights. Don't DUI. Avoid checkpoints even when sober. Vote with knowledge. Pay taxes. Be responsible for yourself and your community.
Earl Elevant March 15, 2012 at 05:09 AM
If you're taking prescription meds and it impairs your driving, then you could (and should) get an OVI if you get behind the wheel.


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