Rope Rescue in the Cleveland Metroparks Tuesday Night

The teenage girl who was rescued has been taken to the hospital at this time.

A teenage girl had to be rescued from the ravine in the in Brecksville earlier on Tuesday, said Brecksville Sgt. Bill Atsberger.

As of 9:15 p.m., the scene has been cleared and the teen has been taken to a local hospital.

Atsberger said that the teenager’s older brother was with her. Atsberger said that according to her brother, he jumped into the water first and the teen tried to follow.

Atsberger said the teen was 17 years old and from Brook Park. He did not know the extent of her injuries but said he saw her arms and legs moving during the rescue.

Atsberger said the Metroparks rangers were in charge of the rescue, but the and members of a rope rescue team were also present to help.

NewsNet5.com is following the story and has more on its website.


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