Speeding Leads to Felony Drug Trafficking Charge: Brecksville Police Blotter

The following information was supplied by the Brecksville Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

The following incident was reported by the Brecksville Police Department on Sept. 19. The information was compiled from a police report, unless otherwise noted.

Speeding leads to felony charges
An Oakwood Village man was charged with trafficking in drugs, a third-degree felony, after police found nearly a pound of marijuana and bundles of money in his car at 8:11 a.m. on Sept. 19. Police originally pulled the man over for speeding on Brecksville Road.

Police could smell fresh marijuana in the car, and the driver said he was on his way to court for a previous speeding violation. Officers soon discovered that the man was on probation, allowing them to search him without a warrant. Police asked if there was marijuana in the car, and the man eventually said there was some in the trunk.

Police Chief Richard E. Mannarino said officers found close to a pound of marijuana, split into one to two-ounce portions. Officers also found bundles of cash divided into $1,000 each.

Kevin K. Robinson Jr., 28, of Oakwood Village, was charged with trafficking in drugs, a third-degree felony, and possession of drugs and possession of criminal tools, both fifth-degree felonies. He was also charged with two misdemeanours: speeding and endangering a child, because his daughter was in the car. According to the Clerk of Common Pleas’ website, the case is still pending.

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