Suspected Scam Costs Resident Nearly $2,000 and Marijuana Found at a Traffic Stop: Brecksville Police Blotter

The following information was supplied by the Brecksville Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

The following incidents were reported by the Brecksville Police Department on Sept. 27 and 28. The information was compiled from police reports.

Fraud reported
A Brecksville resident stopped by the station on Sept. 28 to report a possible fraud. The resident had received an email for a work-at-home job on Sept. 7. She responded to the email, asking about the job, and was told to wait for a package. The package included two money orders from an I.A. Supply for $990 that she was told to cash. She was supposed to keep $200 as commission and wire the rest to an individual in the Philippines, which she did. The bank informed the resident on Sept. 28 that the money orders were fraudulent, and that the bank would be using the $1,980 from her account to cover the bank’s losses.

Marijuana found on a traffic stop
An officer stopped a driver on Royalton Road at 9:08 a.m. on Sept. 27 after noticing that two of the car’s three brake lights were out. The driver, a 25-year-old Sagamore Hills man, wanted to see for himself. He said he was a mechanic and began looking at the wires, trying to fix the problem. The officer wanted him to step back in the car because of the traffic driving by. When he did, the officer could smell marijuana in the vehicle.

The officer ran the man’s license, learning that he was under suspension for not showing adequate proof of insurance at a previous traffic stop. Police also found marijuana in the car in the form of a cigarette near the center console, a cup with tobacco and marijuana residue and a clear bag of suspected marijuana hanging out the back of the driver’s seat. The driver was charged with marijuana possession, driving under suspension and for the brake light violation.

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