Theft was Brecksville's Most Common Crime in 2011

“We’re a low-crime community,” Mayor Jerry N. Hruby said.

Theft topped the list of the last year.

The investigated 61 larcenies or thefts in 2011, just six more than were checked out in 2010. Theft is typically the most common crime in Brecksville, Chief Richard E. Mannarino said.

The numbers for other crimes and incidents in the city's 2011 annual report also show little change from 2010.

“We’re a low-crime community,” said, crediting the police department and saying that Mannarino is doing a good job as chief. Mannarino was .

How many reports were investigated last year? Here’s a look at some of the major categories of crime:

  • Larcenies: 61
  • Burglaries: 12
  • Frauds: 28
  • Vandalism complaints: 10
  • Rape or sex offenses: 5
  • Homicides: 0

Burglary is a theft that includes entering a residence. Larceny is less serious and happens outside the home.

One statistic that did change was the number of warrants police officers issued throughout the year. In 2010, 254 warrants were entered into the system. In 2011, only 119 were entered. Mannarino said the department had fewer officers working in 2011, and that was the reason for the change.

The department also ran far fewer record checks—347 in 2011 compared to 774 in 2010—which Mannarino said was partly due to the closing of the . The department used to do a lot of record checks for the VA, he said.


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