Brecksville City Council Approves More Money for 2011 Road Repairs

The city will work on an additional 12 roads this summer.

Brecksville City Council approved a resolution on Tuesday to adjust the city’s .  

Most of the changes won’t directly affect residents, but one in particular may help make drives around town a bit smoother.  

The appropriations ordinance covers the city’s projected spending. One significant change made during Tuesday’s meeting will allow the city to repair concrete on an additional dozen roads around town. The total additional cost is a bit more than $100,000.  

The council’s Streets and Sidewalks committee went on a tour of the roads last week. Director of Public Services Ron Weidig said during the committee meeting that the city is a couple years behind on its scheduled road repairs, and the additional money will help the department catch up, at least a bit.

Weidig said today that budget cuts in 2010 caused the department to push back repairs on some of the roads, which it planned to make up this year. And after this winter, Weidig said the department realized that even more roads were now in need of repair.

“It was a tough winter,” he added.

Other changes in the ordinance are adjustments that will keep money in the city's Ohio Public Works Fund, rather than transferring it to the city’s General Municipal Fund—the city has a grant to match for work on a wall on Wiese Road, said Finance Director Virginia Price. The other changes are more minor, like a reduction in expected costs for a project.

For more news from Tuesday’s City Council meeting, check Brecksville Patch on Thursday.


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