Brecksville Election 2011: Mayor Jerry N. Hruby

As part of Brecksville Patch’s election coverage, we will provide profiles of each candidate running for office.

Editor’s note: As part of Brecksville Patch’s local election coverage, we will provide profiles of each candidate running for office. These profiles will include biographical information and other relevant details to help the voters make informed decisions. For more election coverage, check our and like our Brecksville Elections page on Facebook.

Name: Jerry N. Hruby

Age: 63

Education: Brecksville High School, Kent State University

Occupation: Mayor and Safety Director since 1988; previously Patrolman, Sergeant, Det. Sergeant and Det. Lieutenant with the Brecksville Police

Political Affiliation: Republican

Office Sought: Mayor

Previous Political Office Sought or Held: Mayor (incumbent)

Candidate Statement:

I am pleased that I have the opportunity to dedicate my full attention to my role as mayor but certainly would have welcomed the opportunity to present my campaign for re-election. Since being first elected in 1987 and serving from 1988 to date, I have done my best to be responsive to the needs of the community. I believe I have had the best interests of the residents as paramount. I know that in 24 years as mayor, there have been times when some will or would disagree with me and believe I should have done more or something else. I acknowledge that, and I use those occasions to reflect upon whether or not I have served the greater common good of the community. I appreciate both positive and negative comments about our administration as both lead us to doing better. My knowledge of the community, my experience with government, dovetailed with my quest to be dedicated to our city and to be responsive to our needs are what I believe paramount about our tenure in office.
Biggest challenges facing city: continued financial stability, economic development, meet the needs for services and facilities, and maintain the cooperative spirit that exists between City Council, the administration, our staff, our volunteers and all whom make up our city family.


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