Busy Work Session for Brecksville's Planning Commission

Plans are moving forward for the Blossom Hill construction discussed in January.

Brecksville's  further discussed a Blossom Hill development project during its meeting on Thursday.

Members of the community , saying the project would decrease property value and not fit in with the community. The commission chose to move construction forward based on the project's adherence to building code.

“We are looking at a single drive serving two homes that are operated in conjunction with each other,” said architect Jeff Stenzel. “They are both eight bed homes.”

The project will move the 13 residents at the existing home on Oakes Road, who older or who have disabilities, to new housing on Highland Drive.

A dumpster in the backyard and lighting were minor concerns, but building code allows them. With a few variances, it was moved for preliminary approval by city council.

Thursday's meeting began with a public hearing on whether to approve a deck on the rear of a Hillbrook Oval home, which is in a development complex that does not allow decks. The resident has trouble walking up and down the existing stairs, said her grandson Adam Prodigal. 

The addition was not approved; commission asked Prodigal to gain approval from the Homeowners Association first. 

A lot split for a Snowville Road business center was also rejected during the work session. A Rambus expansion on Snowville Road was granted a request for preliminary approval by City Council, and commission approved a Curtiss-Wright parking lot expansion.

And for the final agenda item,  gained quick approval on their construction plans for storage space and a restroom building near the pavilion by their church. 


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