City Plans to Map Blossom Hill

The map will create a complete picture of the property.

Brecksville awarded three contracts last night to help create a comprehensive map of the Blossom Hill property—something that doesn’t exist right now.

The city acquired the land for Blossom Hill from Cleveland at different points in time, said City Engineer Gerald Wise. The maps and surveys were never put into one document, and an older wetland study is now outdated.

These projects would help paint a full picture of the approximately 185 acres as the city works to create its .

There are three components to the mapping project: aerial photos, wetlands mapping and a survey to identify the boundaries of the property. The aerial map will need to happen soon, before the trees cover the ground for the season.

The following companies have submitted proposals for the project, which council members voted to accept last night:

  • Aerial mapping: Kucera International Inc., $4,500
  • Wetland mapping: HzW Environmental Consultants, LLC, $10,325
  • Boundary mapping: Donald G. Bohning & Associates, Inc., $4,500 at most

Donald G. Bohning & Associates, Inc. will also paint targets for the airplane to use in the aerial mapping. Wise said that work had already begun.

The aerial photos are less expensive than the alternative, Wise said. That would be to send employees onto the land to take photos every 50 feet. On a piece of property as big as Blossom Hill, that could take weeks.

The map would be able to be used for the master plan. Mayor Jerry N. Hruby said the city wants to create plans for a new cemetery on part of the Blossom Hill property this year, and the map—especially the wetland portion—will be a necessity.

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