City to Install Camera System at Brecksville, Wallings Roads

The system will help with traffic at the intersection, rather than track violations.

Brecksville is working to make the Brecksville and Wallings roads intersection more efficient by adding a camera system to the traffic lights.

The city had looked into complaints about drivers exiting and entering the driveway for the at that intersection last year. The intersection wasn’t a dangerous one, , but it was one the city wanted to improve.

Brecksville already has a similar system at the intersection of Brecksville and Fitzwater roads that has worked well, said Public Services Director Ron Weidig.

The cameras aren’t the kind to track speed or look for other traffic violations, Weidig said. Instead, the video detection system helps the traffic lights “see” when a car is waiting to use the intersection. The cameras are more accurate than the type of sensor that’s placed in the ground, Weidig said.

While the cameras can be expensive—according to , the video detection system will cost about $18,000, plus installation—Weidig said he thinks cities will be using them more often in the future. The new models aren’t easily affected by weather, he said, and they aren’t damaged if a city has to tear up a street for construction, like the in-ground sensors.


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