Cuyahoga County Sells Liens on Properties with Delinquent Taxes

Sale will recoup up to $25 million

Cuyahoga County Council has authorized the sale of up to $25 million in tax lien certificates for thousands of parcels with delinquent property taxes. 

By selling the liens, Cuyahoga County will recoup the owed tax dollars, which will then be distributed to municipalities, libraries, schools, and health and human services agencies.

The council approved the sale Sept. 24. 

“Our tax dollars support important community programs and services. By authorizing this sale, the promise made to those who benefit from our tax dollars - school children, library patrons, and those in need of critical health and human services - will be realized," Council President C. Ellen Connally said in a news release. "We can do this without increasing costs to the county because a company with expertise in this field will take on the responsibility of collection.”

The Cuyahoga County Treasurer’s office has notified property owners of outstanding tax obligations at least three times by certified mail. 

The purchaser, Woods Cove III, LLC, will pay the amount of the delinquency to Cuyahoga County in exchange for first priority of the lien over any other liens on the property.

 “Property owners will still have the ability to enter into a payment plan but the point is, everyone is paying their fair share for the infrastructure and services we all rely on,” said Council member Dale Miller.

Property owners with tax delinquencies whose parcels are listed for sale (listed here: http://treasurer.cuyahogacounty.us/pdf_treasurer/en-US/PendingTaxLienSaleb09.04.13.pdf) have until 4:30 p.m. today, Wednesday, September 25th to pay off delinquent taxes or enter into a payment plan with the county in order to avoid the sale of a tax lien certificate on the property. Taxpayers with questions should call the County’s Taxpayer Services Division at 216-443-7420.


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