Man Sentenced to 6 Years for Failed Bomb Plot and Community Center Fees Increasing: Week in Review

Catch up on the news this week in Brecksville.

If you missed a story or two this week, don’t worry—just catch up quickly by reading the summaries below. 

  • There were some unusual incidents in the police blotter this week. In one, a police officer threatened to shoot a man who wouldn't drop the knife in his hand. In another, police realized a man had marijuana on him when the officer spotted flakes of the drug on the man’s shirt.
  • A for his part in the failed attempt to blow up the state Route 82 bridge connecting Brecksville and Sagamore Hills. He was sentenced to six years in prison. 
  • Membership fees for the Brecksville Community Center are going up in 2013, but residents can get a discount in December.  


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