Mayor Hruby Speaks in Support of Josh Mandel

The mayor appeared at a dinner for Mandel on Monday.

said the crowd at Monday’s fundraising dinner for state Treasurer Josh Mandel was an excited one—and one with plenty of Brecksville residents and Cuyahoga Valley Republican members in attendance.

Mandel is running for a U.S. Senate seat. Monday’s dinner in . A representative from Mandel’s campaign said in an email that about 350 people were in attendance.

Hruby said he was honored to be part of the dinner, which also featured New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Christie was there to speak on behalf of Mandel, and the two share a number of similar beliefs, Hruby said.

Hruby said he has supported Mandel in all of his campaigns and called him a “young man with tremendous values,” one who represents a new era of leaders who are tired of the way things have been going.

Were you at Monday’s dinner? Tell us what you thought in the comments.


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