Ohio Senator Creates Bill to Counter Anti-Contraception Legislation

Nina Turner wants as much attention given to male reproductive organs as the women are getting.

If Ohio Sen. Nina Turner's new bill passes, men will have to meet a certain government criteria before getting a prescription for Viagra, according to the Huffington Post.

Turner (D-Cleveland) told the Post that "she has cringed watching her colleagues pass bill after bill to regulate women's reproductive health," and she wants to "give her male colleagues a taste of their own medicine."

Under the bill, men would be required to get psychological counseling to confirm they have a medical reason for taking erectile dysfunction medicine, such as Viagra, before a prescription can be written. Doctors would be required to inform the men in writing about the potential risks of ED medication.

The man asking for the prescription also has to provide a notarized affidavit from at least one sex partner saying he's had symptoms of ED in the last 90 days, according to the Plain Dealer.

"We should show the same attention and love to men's reproductive health as we do to women's," Turner told HuffPost. "And my bill does that."

Turner represents the Ohio Senate's 25th District, which includes Beachwood, Mayfield Heights, Euclid, East Cleveland and parts of Cleveland, among other cities.

Richard Ian Tracy March 14, 2012 at 04:19 PM
Good! If this sort of anti-woman rubbish is law, men should, in turn, be required highly-invasive prostate exams as well ... thoroughly ... for treatment of ED. Demand they go on a vegan diet, too, since most ED is a sign of an eventual heart attack (a blocked artery is a blocked artery). And no matter what you think of a zygote or foetus, it's in a woman's uterus -- meaning it is inside & part of a free citizen's body -- and it is not my business, your business or the government's business. You cannot exact legislation on organs. You cannot exact guilt trips within medicine (that is NOT ethical, sensible or in any way responsible medicine). You certainly cannot divide a woman into parts and make her a non-person. This is 2012, right?
Terry March 15, 2012 at 03:59 PM
Big Bunny-You ask to not 'exact legislation'-the healthcare mandate does exactly that and certainly the Senator is in the business of exacting legislation!
Richard Ian Tracy March 15, 2012 at 04:23 PM
Terry -- I said there should be no legislation on individual organs -- such as a woman's uterus -- which is what the conservative 'right' nutters continually try to do. Nina Turner's new bill is meant to shine a light on that absurdity -- why? -- because nothing else works. You have to threaten men with the same invasion & humiliation to get them to see, it seems. Should it have to come to that? No. But do they ever listen or learn? NO! Same ol' war on women that's been going on for centuries. As for the healthcare mandate, I support that 100%. It's a different means to protecting public health and its only greater flaw is diminishing the power, control & financial gain of insurance companies -- full stop. That's it. It is a different structure but all it really does is limit the greed & corruption of insurance companies. All 'first-world' nations on the planet have socialised medicine -- so should the USA. I am sure there will be growing pains but it will be worth it. We have dozens of examples of socialised medicine (and, no, I'm not afraid to call it that) to compare & contrast -- we can tailor it to suit America. Without healthcare, education & security, what is the point of government?
Peter Grossetti March 15, 2012 at 05:21 PM
Senator Turner's proposed bill is getting the PRECISE results she wanted ... getting folks talking about "the heartbeat bill" and reprodutcive rights in general. Ms Turner is quoted in a March 14 Dayton Daily News article: "I certainly want to stand up for men's health and take this seriously and legislate it the same way most men say they want to legislate a woman's womb." I'm not sure whether or not she uttered this with her tongue planted firmly in her cheek, but you have to admit ... uber-clever approach.
Jeanne Caparso March 19, 2012 at 04:42 PM
I just find it amazing that Senator Turner would try to punish men with prostate cancer. Because that's exactly what her proposed bill does. The majority of men treated for prostate cancer often suffer serious side effects from all the currently available treatments--ED is usually one of those unintended consequences. So her bill punishes those prostate cancer patients seeking treatment to remedy the side effects of their surgery, radiation etc. Sounds like a well thought out plan on Senator Turner's part. . . . Would she do the same for breast cancer patients?? make them jump through hoops to get coverage for treatments to remedy side effects of their treatment??


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