Own a Piece of Brecksville History

Celebrate Brecksville with the Bicentennial Commemorative Book titled “Honor the Past, Embrace the Present, Envision the Future.”

Brecksville residents have an opportunity to own a little piece of the city’s history.

All 202 years of it. 

The Brecksville Bicentennial Committee and the city of Brecksville are selling the book “Honor the Past, Embrace the Present, Envision the Future” to celebrate the city’s rich history. 

“It is not a history book per se, but there is plenty of history found in it,” according to a press release.

“There are stories regarding past events and the people who deserve to be honored for the past, stories about those who remember and deserve to be embraced for our present, and an envisioning look toward the future of Brecksville.

“If you grew up in Brecksville, this book will bring back pleasant and perhaps forgotten memories.  If you are new to Brecksville (or relatively new) you will read about the early 1800s and begin to understand how our town evolved into what it is today.” 

Two hundred years of stories are included.

"Honor the Past, Embrace the Present, Envision the Future" is on sale for $45.

Along with the book, a DVD containing videos and photos of the 2011 year-long Bicentennial celebration will be included.

For more information, contact Jo Ann Bartsch or Brecksville City Hall.


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