Secretary of State Says Brecksville Citizens’ Initiative Can Go on the Ballot

The city plans to ask the Ohio Supreme Court to rule on the decision.

Ohio’s Secretary of State thinks that Brecksville residents should see a citizens’ petition initiative on the ballot in November, but the city isn’t done fighting yet.

Secretary of State Jon Husted today declared that the should appear on the ballot for voters this fall. The city plans to take the decision to the Ohio Supreme Court, said Law Director David Matty.

The citizens group is calling for Brecksville to support adding a federal amendment saying that corporations aren’t people and money isn’t equal to speech. If passed, the mayor would have to send a letter to state and federal representatives, letting them know about the voters' support of such an amendment, and the city would have to host a bi-annual “Democracy Day.”

While members of the group got enough signatures for their , the city has pushed back. Officials say the measure would be out of their jurisdiction.

The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections voted 2-2 on the issue at the end of August, and the decision went to Husted, whose tie-breaking decision was in favor of the citizens’ group.

Matty said the city would file an action in the Ohio Supreme Court this week, asking them to rule on the issue.

Rose Petsche, one of the Brecksville residents leading the initiative, has been blogging on Brecksville Patch about the issue. Her .

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Patty September 12, 2012 at 11:33 AM
What a waste of energy and resources. Will the city have to endure similar initiatives from other causes? I agree, this is outside the jurisdiction of local government. This group should be petitioning our federal reps and senators. Please stop wasting resources that can be used to benefit our entire city. I have no opinion on their cause, either way. However, if this does make it to the ballet I plan to vote against it.


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