The City Will Pick Up Leaves From Now Until December

Residents can look for signs in their neighborhood to know when to prepare their yards.

Leaf pick-up in Brecksville began on Monday, and city employees will continue to pick up and ship out residents’ piles of leaves until the beginning of December.

The truck started on the north end of town, near Cambridge and Ashlawn Drive, said Director of Public Services Ron Weidig. It will make its way south and then start all over again. Weidig said the city will continue the service—regardless of the weather—up until the beginning of December. The city will begin Saturday pick-up on Oct. 29.

Residents should see a sign in their neighborhood a couple of days before the truck is scheduled to drive through. At that time, residents should rake the leaves into a row near the curb, making sure that any large pieces of trash like concrete or big branches are removed. More suggestions are available on the Service Department’s website.

The city has a contract with Rumpke, Weidig said, and the leaves are recycled.


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