WATCH: Hruby Hosts ‘Conversation With the Mayor’

The event on Tuesday was a preview of sorts to the mayor’s annual State of the City address slated for Wednesday night.

Mayor Jerry Hruby hosted the “Conversation With the Mayor” event at the Brecksville Human Services Center on Tuesday.

In his 26th year at the helm of the city, Hruby covered a range of topics — from the federal government’s impact on Brecksville to economic development.

He’s expected to cover many of the same topics at his annual State of the City address this evening.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Financial position

Hruby said that the city has taken a couple of financial blows since 2008 to present — to the tune of about $500,000. “We were ready for that,” he said. The city cut staff from about 170 to 127. He noted that Brecksville is on firm financial footing, pointing out Moody’s AAA bond rating — the highest rating possible.

Public works

Hruby said that the city has received about $2.5 million in grants in the past two years. “We’re going to continue to aggressively pursue grants — that’s what you need to do today.” Included in that grant money, he said, was an earmarked $1.9 earmark for work on storm-water improvements.

Shared services

To work with Brecksville’s neighbors — and to keep down costs — Hruby pointed out a few ways the city is already collaborating with other communities. Among them: SWAT team, fire investigation and water rescue.

Economic development

When the VA Medical Center pulled out in 2012, it created a financial void in the city — to the tune of about $1.5 million. However, Hruby pointed out that the city has been able to make up those losses “without ever putting a shovel in the ground” at the VA property. He said that the city has intentionally attracted businesses related to burgeoning health care industry.


Hruby said that the city is continuing discussions about sharing a regional dispatch center. He also said that Brecksville officials are considering a plan to share building department resources with the city of Independence in an effort to reduce costs.

Downtown occupancy

“We’ve been fortunate over the years to maintain a downtown where the occupancy rate has always been above 85 or 90 percent,” he said. “Many communities are unable to say that.” He also stressed the importance of shopping locally, and keeping business in Brecksville. 

Eli K February 21, 2013 at 02:39 PM
Congrat on such a wonderfully displayed store of quality merchandise and thank you for providing employees that are so incredibly helpful and I love how the registers are all open so there is hardly no wait! It is even better to save time in my day by having a one stop shop in my area! Wow! Marc's you really really brought Brecksville to a whole new higher level! Thank you for bringing you store and creating south excitement in the city of Brecksville! And actually, I loved getting bras and panties today! And also bought my daughter a kindle fire and got a 600 dollar laptop for 239.00. If that's whatever tucky you are talking about , ill remember to order a whopper when I leave dominoes! This person is crazy!
Joe See February 21, 2013 at 04:33 PM
Opinions are just that, a personal observation. Look, I'm not the only resident that is upset about what the city allowed to come in and replace GE. I'm upset about the b.s. the city fronts. They told Heinen's when Heinen's wanted to replace GE that they could not expand. And how amazing that Marc's was allowed to expand. The resident were informed that this Marc's was going to be different. Well it's not with the exception that the produce area is smaller and there is no pharmacy. And your produce Eli, give it 6 months and tell me that what you see matches the quality of Heinen's. I'm not talking price, I'm talking the display and quality. It comes down to pride for what you sell and pride for who you are. I've shopped at Marc's up the street many times and the place looks like a dump all the time. I'm not against shopping there to save money. I'm against the fact that they take no pride in what they do. None what so ever!! They are a discount house. And tell me PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE why there was a Brecksville Police car covered in snow 200 feet from the store and an officer in the store monitoring? What is wrong with this picture that it requires a police officer to be in the store? Name 1 other store in Brecksville that has an officer inside during business hours? What does that say about the business? What does that say about the business owners concern? That is not normal for our city Eli!!
Joe See February 21, 2013 at 04:43 PM
Your registers were all open because they scheduled a ton of people to ensure there was no line. Quality merchandise? I hear the bakery is pretty good. My gripe was the pathetic help bad mouthing another employee in ear shot of customers. That, is wrong! And THAT is a direct reflection of who hires and the training given. No store will sell a $600 laptop for $239 and stay in business. The laptop cost Marc's less than $239 to purchase. You were had by marketing in thinking it was different. Would YOU sell it for $239 if you paid $600 for it? I'm glad you were able to purchase the Kindle. Who do you call and where do you take the Kiindle/Laptop when/if something is wrong? Marc's customer desk in Brecksville? I'm sure they'll know what to do. "Packer up front to fix laptop" is what you'll hear over the PA system. Breckstucky - Come to the new Marc's where shopping is fun and police patrol the isles.....nice touch!
Joe See February 21, 2013 at 05:16 PM
And...do you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY think that you will EVER, EVER see the mayor himself shop there? Don't count on it! And if the mayor won't shop there, what does that say?
JoJo March 29, 2013 at 09:57 AM
I don't care where the mayor shops! If you don't like the store, avoid it. Don't get your blood pressure all jacked up over something so inane.


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