Election Means Change for the Board of Education

Two new members were elected.

When the , it was clear that some new faces would be joining the Brecksville-Broadview Heights Board of Education.

and will both be joining the board. The two ran together on a platform that proposed to lower spending in the district through measures like rolling back cost of living increases for teachers and staff. There’s no guarantee that their agenda will come to fruition, but voters must have liked the sound of change.

“I’m very anxious to get going,” Ziegler said.

Dosen said he was “humbled” by the voters’ support, and he’s looking forward to strengthening the system and making some good changes.

Ziegler said that the results showed that voters wanted a different perspective on the board.

And this election will make for a fairly young board.

The board’s two longest-serving members—George J. Balasko and Alan Scheufler—won’t be part of the board after the end of this year. Scheufler did not run for re-election. Balasko did, but he was not re-elected. Balasko said in an email that he was disappointed with the results, but that he wished the new members well.

The other two members of the board—Mark Jantzen and David Tryon—were elected in 2009, according to the district’s website.

And the incumbent who was reelected, , is still relatively new to the board. Mack was appointed to the board in the fall of 2010 to replace a member who resigned, according to the Sun Star-Courier.

Mack had a lot of support in the polls, though; she emerged as the clear front-runner after the absentee ballots were counted, and she stayed in that position all night as the results were tallied.

Mack said she was excited to see the results, and that the votes were a nice affirmation of the work she had put into the campaign. You can’t always tell how people are reacting, she said, and the voters' support will help her be the kind of leader she needs to be.


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