Safety Tips for Prom Weekend

With Brecksville-Broadview Heights’ prom this weekend, the Community Awareness and Prevention Association and local police departments want to make sure students have a good time and stay safe.

Prom is this weekend for students, and the has been working hard all week to make sure students stay safe while they’re having fun. 

The week’s theme was “resist,” said Kelly Lazar, coordinator for C.A.P.A. There was an activity or product of some sort each day to remind students of that message, from inspiring postcards written by middle school students to seat belt checks to a resist-themed air freshener for their cars. The student groups S.A.D.D. and H.U.D.D.L.E. helped put on the various activities. 

On Tuesday, students had the chance to take part in an inflatable collision course, where students walked around in inflatable spheres. Some students were blindfolded, and some were told to text while walking, Lazar said, creating all kinds of different distractions.  

C.A.P.A.'s programming was designed to inspire students to not drink or use other substances during prom, but the group also wanted to remind students that there are other possible distractions that night, like driving in a full car or texting while driving. 

Brecksville sergeant Bill Goodrich said the local police departments are extra diligent on prom weekend. It’s a good weekend, Goodrich said, “something they’ll remember their whole lives,” but students need to make good choices. 

“We want them to have fun, but we want them to be safe and obey the law as they do so,” Goodrich said. 

A few tips for staying safe during prom weekend:

  • “It all comes down to planning ahead of time,” Lazar said. Students need to think about how they will handle situations, like ending up at a party or finding themselves without a safe ride, she said.
  • Don’t be afraid to bring in the parents, Goodrich said, adding that students should keep them up-to-date on their plans and whereabouts. Lazar also brought this up, encouraging parents to talk to students before they head out.
  • “Taking advantage of the after-prom is a great thing,” Goodrich said. More information for the after-prom, which will include lots of activities and prizes, can be found on the high school’s website. Tickets are available at the door if students haven’t purchased them ahead of time. 
Janet Pender May 14, 2011 at 01:17 PM
Josh and Halle, have a super night at prom. Many memories will be made tonight that you'll have the rest of your life but only if you obey the law and stay safe. May God Bless your evening together and bring you home safely. Love, Grandma in NC


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