WATCH: Lakewood Girls Look to Change School Dress Code

A group of students who disagree with the dress code are hoping to convince the school board to revisit the policy.

Many of the clothes that students received during the holidays may never be worn in a Lakewood City Schools classroom.

And if students do wear them, they may be sent home. 

Some students who disagree with the dress code are hoping to change the policy. 

The girls take particular issue with a section of the dress code that state that skirts must be slightly above the knee or longer. But they’re also not happy with the hoodie ban or the no-piercings rule.

They say that students are sent home on a daily basis to change clothes — and that takes away from learning.

This isn’t the first time the dress code issue has been brought up this school year.

Last month, a group of students launched a petition to end the district’s ban on hoodie sweatshirts. School officials said at the time there were no plans to revisit the dress code, a sentiment echoed last week by high school principal Bill Wagner. 

The girls plan to explore those avenues, with a petition of their own as well as plans to lobby Lakewood School Board at an upcoming meeting to encourage another look at the policy.

Liz Tracey January 09, 2013 at 01:21 AM
Good for the students for standing up for what they believe and trying to improve a place where they spend a great deal of time and hopefully will leave better than they entered. How can we as adults begrudge young people who take an active interest in their surroundings and put time, energy and effort into organizing? So many youth seem "apathetic" to older people -- isn't this a counterexample to that common complaint? Experience gained in activism in high school translates into informed and active adults, better citizens and a better world for us all. Keep it up, and don't let the fogies get you down.
Colin McEwen January 09, 2013 at 03:06 AM
Emily is right on. It should be noted that these girls are all good students.
Tate Davidson January 09, 2013 at 01:19 PM
Georgia, thanks for the response. I have to say I really appreciate getting more details on the story. And I appreciate people trying to make a difference and question authority. I have done that since I can remember and I would expect my two daughters to do the same. I think a clear dress code is important and I hope that is what results from this. It is possible that we are not giving these girls enough credit. I think that in cases like this, maybe it will distill down to "We need a more clear dress code that allows students to respectfully express themselves". In regard to hoodies, I think that was done more for the comfort of adult employees at the school.
Tate Davidson January 09, 2013 at 01:41 PM
I think the lack of details in this article may be leading to some of the vastly different responses to this. I appreciate some of the clarification on the part of the people who have commented. Q: Are the girls simply looking for clarification on the skirt rule or are they looking to remove the rule altogether? The article seems to be an appeal to "let us wear our new outfits!" which is different than "the rules are unclear and they need revision".
M-F Schreiber January 09, 2013 at 05:54 PM
I challenge all parties concerned to find a skirt slightly above the knee in today's fashion magazines and/or stores that targets teenagers and young adults. The issue here is the amount of energy devouted to policing this dress code in middle school as well as high school. There is also a double standard. What's good for one goose isn't necessarily good for the next goose! I've witnessed girls at school wearing short and revealing dresses and/or skirts as well as shorty shorts, yet they aren't sent home, but my daughter because her bermuda shorts weren't one inch above the knee was sent to her house office. Oh, and how about wearing three shirts to downplay a pronounced chest and still being sent to the house office for inappropriate dress code. It's important to keep kids in school and promote learning, not disrupt their day with dress code violations. I recently heard they aren't allowed to wear caps either. How is one supposed to keep his/her head warm during the winter months? Personnally, I have instructed my kids to wear jeans and t-shirts to school and remove their hoodie prior to stepping on school grounds so as to avoid any disruption in their school day. They can let it all hang out once they get home!


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