Frank DeWolf, Midge Cassidy Named Senior Volunteers of the Year

Both will be honored at an annual luncheon at the Human Services Center.

This year’s Senior Volunteers of the Year were influential in the city’s .

The Brecksville and the have named Frank DeWolf and Midge Cassidy this year’s honorees. DeWolf was a co-chair of the Brecksville Bicentennial Committee, and Cassidy was an honorary co-chair. The two also have a variety of other volunteer activities to their names.

In addition to co-chairing the Bicentennial Committee, DeWolf is part of the Brecksville Historical Association and the Brecksville-Broadview Heights Alumni Association. He also served for more than 30 years on the . DeWolf was also named one of the , and was nominated as one of .

Cassidy uses her skills as a nurse at the Human Services Center, helping to take people’s blood pressure. She was very active in the bicentennial—she said she got involved with almost every activity, except for the Bicentennial Ball—and she’s a member of the Friends of the Brecksville Library.

Cassidy said she’s honored, but that there are plenty of others in the city who deserve the award, too. She thinks that if people are interested in volunteering, they should just reach out to local organizations, like the Human Services Department.

“It’s not a hard job to volunteer,” she said.

The volunteers will be honored at a lunch at 12 p.m. on May 15 at the center. According to a press release from the city, this year’s awards luncheon will be the 40th annual. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at the Human Services Center.


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